Tuesday, October 7, 2014

DEFANGING MUSIC: A new One-Hour Private Class.

Are you afraid to play musical instruments? 

Do you think something bad will happen if you hit a “wrong” note? When you were young, did they (teachers, etc.) perform a “joy-ectomy” on the music? (When I was a kid, in the Dark Ages, educators had the nerve to call this torture “Music Appreciation.”) Were you led to believe that you were “hopeless” when it comes to singing or playing? 

In Defanging Music, you’ll have an opportunity to explore several different instruments, and to PLAY them as an uninhibited child might. Besides making sounds on a variety of percussion instruments (congas, djembes, bells, shakers, etc.), you’ll also strum a ukulele, noodle on a keyboard … and more. And most of it, improvisationally. That means there is nothing to read, no “right” or “wrong” notes, and the music lives only in this moment.

I hope I can inspire you to explore the wonderful world of music, and to realize that you’re never too old to learn to play a musical instrument.

REGISTRATION: Contact Simone at (206) 841-5169 or simone@ladrumma.com