Monday, February 1, 2016


One day you will not be able to dance anymore. You will be too sick, too old or too dead. So it stands to reason that you should…


A Dance Workout
facilitated by Simone LaDrumma
to a Wildly Eclectic Mix of Music
for Every   Body

At DANCE-WHILE-YOU-CAN people of every age and ability move to a wide variety of songs and tempos, everything from Tchaikovsky to the Charleston, from 50’s Rock n’ Roll to Rhythm n’ Blues, to jazz, Broadway show tunes, classical, hip-hop and World Music… and back again. The dramatic change from one style of music to the next keeps us on our toes (ba-dum-bum) and off-guard (in-the-moment).
There are opportunities to move creatively, and also to find the humor in music (and ourselves). Free expression rules! Feel like singing while you dance? Be my guest! And you are encouraged to tap into your imagination via your inner child in order to let your body move in new and unusual ways.
What to wear: Loose-fitting clothing is best. Footwear: I suggest shoes that don’t grip the floor; socks-only is good, too. Bare feet discouraged.

PART ME/PART YOU:  Everyone gets a chance to be the leader at DWYC!
  • Standing in a circle, each person takes turns moving as they like; everyone mirrors that.
  • We take turns leading the group in across-the-floor movements.
  • Not every dance is facilitated. There is plenty of time for dancing FREE-STYLE.

LOOK AT ME! Some of us have secretly craved the limelight. We have dreamt of dancing before an audience. There is a place for us at DWYC. If, at any time, a participant wants to show-off (and here, a “show-off” is a term of respect), they have only to say, “Look at me!” and we will happily watch them dance.

The WORKOUT:  The goal here is to come fully alive in the moment − and to get healthy. Working up a sweat is good. But when the soul is involved (as it is in dancing to music one loves)…that’s when miracles happen!

Do you know of a population that needs to move? I have brought Dance-While-You-Can to retirement and nursing homes all over Puget Sound. Contact me for more information! (Also see my website under Dance.)

REGISTRATION: Contact Simone at (206) 841-5169 or